The Xenon XT has been designed to take on all types of terrain without any hesitation. It is as competent on gravel, slush and snow as it is on paved roads.

Its higher ground clearance, high approach, ramp over, departure angles and the extra grip of the 4WD means you need not stop when the road ends. No matter what the terrain, the Xenon XT is one Cross Terrain pick up that just doesn't compromise on drivability even while off-roading.

A 4x4 shift-on-fly transmits 140 PS & 320 Nm torque to all wheels so the Xenon XT can take on any surface. The shift on fly 4-wheel drive option, ample ground clearance and ladder frame rugged build ensures that. The limited slip differential mechanism enables the axle to provide traction where it's most needed so you never get stuck. This is one off-roader that can tame the roughest of terrains and be as much at ease on the city roads.

4x4 world.

The New Xenon XT also has a higher ground clearance of 200 mm, an Approach angle of 24 degree, Ramp Break over Angle of 15 degree and the Departure angle of 21 degree. It also has a water wading depth of 300 mm. All of these ensure that the Xenon is as agile off the road as it is on it.