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Fraudulent Communication Notice

Beware of fraudulent recruitment emails / lottery / communication

Our attention has been drawn by certain members that they have been receiving communication through emails for job interviews / offers in our company. This is to bring to your notice that certain unscrupulous elements (individuals, firms, companies) are misleading job aspirants by claiming themselves to be employees of Tata Motors or authorized job agencies of Tata Motors. They have been misleading the candidates using trademarks of Tata Motors to deposit certain amount of money in specified accounts for securing employment or as deposit towards travel for final interview round, etc.

The communications made are fraudulent. This is also to inform that job seekers are not asked to make payment of any kind for considering them for interview or employment by Tata Motors. Tata Motors has already initiated criminal action against these individuals

Hence we would caution the general public against acting on or relying on such fraudulent recruitment communications. We request you not to enter into any correspondence with these senders. Any act or exclusion to the contrary shall be at your risk and discretion. We do not take liability for any consequences thereof. We request you to get in touch with us in case of any such inconvenience caused in future by visiting our website

Also this is to inform you that Tata Motors and its affiliated companies have no connection with any lotteries that notify members of the public by e-mail that they have won a prize, even if the name "Tata" appears in the e-mail such as “Tata Car Promotions” and "Tata Lottery Draw". Please employ extreme caution before responding to any such e-mail or providing any personal information or money in order to win a lottery prize which is likely to be a part of a fraudulent scheme.